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The first port of call in the treatment of chronic pain would normally be your General Practitioner (GP).  It is your GP who would prescribe medication, and would make referrals for further treatment options, such as referrals to Hospital or for Pain Clinic Treatment.

Treatment options available from GP

Medication is just one of the options available to the chronic pain sufferer.  Please click here for an in depth look at the usually prescribed medication and its potential side-effects

Because of the 'medical model' of treatment which is so prevalent in the UK, it it usual practice for GP's to prescribe medication to control the associated problems of chronic pain.  Therefore sleeping tablets are invariably prescribed for insomnia, whilst anti-depressants and anxiolytics are given for depression and anxiety.  If possible, ask your GP whether you would benefit from these medications or whether other treatment options could be more effective.  

It may prove useful if your GP is forward thinking, to discuss the benefits of relaxation and breathing techniques / exercises, about what types of physical activity and dietary changes could possibly be of help. 

Ask your GP if physical therapy would be of use, as in many cases a referral to physiotherapy can be particularly effective. 

Many GP's now have trained counsellors attached to their practice.  Ask your GP if counselling would benefit you from the psychological toll of chronic pain. 

Your GP can also give you referrals for services and organizations in your community, naturally if you do live in the Derbyshire area please feel free to contact us


An outpatient based assessment and treatment service is provided for the people of Derbyshire suffering with the effects of chronic pain, based at the Derbyshire Royal Infirmary and Derby City General Hospital.  Pain Management is part of the Critical Care Directorate. 


The Consultants are 

  • Dr A Searle  (Lead Clinician)
  • Dr J Williams
  • Dr R Faleiro
  • Dr C Scott  (Clinical Psychologist)

The General Manager is Ian Pettit.


The service includes

  • Epidurals including Botox injections and Continuous epidural analgesia
  • Nerve Blocks
  • Acupuncture
  • TENS machines
  • Drug therapy
  • Cognitive Behavioural Rehabilitation
  • Pain Management Programme
  • Patient controlled analgesia (PCAS)


Clinic schedule and times

Mon am       Dr Searle / Nurse Specialist - Mrs Walker

Mon pm       Clinical procedures

Tue am        TENS Clinic

Wed pm      Dr Bavister / Nurse Specialist - Mrs Walker

Thurs am     Nurse Specialist - Mrs Walker

Fri am         Dr Searle

Fri pm         Dr Bavister / Nurse Specialist - Mrs Walker     







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