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Volume 07, Issue 3  May 2009        


May 2009: - Please note that the Pain Clinic Department previously at the Derbyshire Royal Infirmary has now moved to the new Royal Derby Hospital (ex City General) & and is to be found on your left, opposite the Coffee cafe' on entering the main entrance.

May 2009: - Coping Links With The University of Derby.

Talks are in hand to forge a link between the Coping Group and the University's  department of Psychology.   This is a beginning of what is hoped as another avenue to bring understanding to the plight of Chronic Pain Sufferers.

An update will follow as these talks proceed in the coming New Year.

16th June 2009 meeting: - Coping Links with Pain Clinic & Pain Management at Royal Derby Hospital.
At a recent Coping meeting, contact was made with a Pain Management representative to bring closer cooperation between the both of these organisations.

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