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Meetings Recommence on Tuesday 19th January 2016

and continues at fortnightly intervals FROM 19th January 2016 unless an exception ** is Given



Tues. 27th September 2016  9.


Program of  Meetings:-


On Tuesday 16th   Aug  2016.- Pampering Freedom Therapies   @ 10:30 am


On Tuesday 30th   Aug  2016.-   Pampering Freedom Therapies  @ 10:30am


On Tuesday 13th  Sep 2016.-    Social :  @10:30 am

On Tuesday 27th  Sep 2016.-  Venue: To Be Announced am


On Tuesday 11th   Oct 2016.-  Social:   @10:30 am




The Time for all meetings is 10.30 AM  all are welcome except for committee meetings


G T C R  -  Guinness Trust Community Room, 1 Sidney Street, Derby


*   For Committee Members only, if any member has anything they wish to be put forward for discussion at the next Committee Meeting please let us know a week before the meeting so it can be added to the Agenda.       


+   For non-members who wish to attend the Speaker mornings or go on the group trips there will be a 50p entrance fee for Speakers and also a full price charge for the trip.



COPING are exceptionally grateful to the Guinness Trust, and we meet at their Community Room at 1 Sidney Street in Derby. DE1 2TU. 

For those who do not know Derby very well, Sidney Street is a stones throw away from the (old DRI), LRCH in between Osmaston Road and London Road.  If heading towards Derby along Osmaston Road, turn right at the set of traffic lights (the ones prior to the London Road community Hospital).  If you reach Crown Derby, you've gone too far! 






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