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Who are we and why we were formed

COPING - Derbyshire Chronic Pain Support Group was primarily formed to attempt to redress the lack of self help provision within Derbyshire and surrounding areas for people suffering with the effects of Chronic Pain, and to attempt to meet ongoing needs of such people who are attending or have attended the Southern Derbyshire Pain Management Programmes.

The members of COPING are all ordinary people, from all walks of life - who have a shared experience - this being the debilitating effects of chronic pain.  On a personal note, if you feel our provision may be of benefit to you or someone you know, please feel free to join us via Membership or email us

Our Core Beliefs

  • We believe that the person who is effectively managing chronic pain is in charge of the pain and that pain management is primarily about getting back to normal life.

  • We accept the absolute need in helping yourself and therefore reducing reliance on others. 

  • We believe in moving away from the sick role of 'disempowered patient' and back to the positive role of 'individual person'.

  • We believe in the positive benefits of holistic medicine, including natural and alternative treatment/methodologies - and by association we appreciate the 'medical model of treatment' has its own limitations. 

  • We believe that the ongoing support of others who experience and therefore appreciate/understand the debilitating effects of chronic pain is absolutely vital to the implementation of our Aims and Objectives.  

  • We believe that by developing an awareness of the motivating factors of our actions, and therefore becoming more self-aware, we can begin to alter our perception of pain. 

  • We believe that sharing the experiences of others suffering from chronic pain can reduce feelings of isolation.

  • We believe in pacing our activity. 

  • We believe that the ability to relax is absolutely essential in managing pain, as in essence - relaxation and pain are at opposite ends of the wellness spectrum. 

  • We believe in the positive benefits of exercise - and that staying as active as possible, within realistic and achievable limits, can help reduce our perception of discomfort.

  • We believe It is vital for us to set realistic/achievable goals.

  • We accept that chronic pain not only involves the sufferer, but also their family and friends.


COPING is a voluntary run organization that relies on donations to keep the service running.  If you are an individual or company and wish to either sponsor this site or help us in some other way, please contact our chairperson, via coping.withpain@ntlworld.com








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