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COPING - Goal & Mission Statement

Our goal is to provide a friendly, caring and ongoing support facility for any person in the locality suffering with the debilitating effects of chronic pain.  

Unfortunately it is recognized that in many cases chronic pain is untreatable. Therefore the group has been established in order to provide holistic support for chronic pain sufferers in learning how to manage or cope with their pain. This will be achieved by providing a non-threatening and non-discriminatory network of support for sufferers, families, friends and carers - whereby they are enabled to ventilate any concerns, anxieties and worries over their condition and treatment.



COPING - Our aims and objectives are as follows

  • To attempt to improve the quality of life for chronic pain sufferers (and their families and partners) in the locality of Derbyshire (and surrounding areas).

  • To provide ongoing support and assistance to chronic pain sufferers within this locality.

  • To promote the principle that living with chronic pain is a skill, and therefore something which has to be learnt.

  • To promote and to maintain links with Southern Derbyshire Pain Management Programmes and encourage discussion regarding any issues of concern. 

  • To provide up to date and easily accessible information on chronic pain, including such issues as medical advances and alternative issues.

  • To support chronic pain sufferers through friendship, counselling and a ‘buddy system’.

  • To promote activities to meet the physical and social needs of chronic pain sufferers.

  • To create an environment where chronic pain sufferers have the opportunity to learn more about their pain.

  • To educate the general public about the needs of chronic pain sufferers.

  • To act as an appeal group on behalf of our members.

  • To obtain views and feedback on this website.

  • To provide up to date information for chronic pain sufferers on benefit issues.

  • To continue the Southern Derbyshire Pain Management Programme aim of encouraging people to take more control and responsibility for their problems and to move from 'patient to person’.

  • To enable and encourage people to function optimally, by educating them to understand 'chronic pain' and the issues it brings with it.

  • To develop an understanding of chronic pain and its effect through education, body awareness and ergonomics.

  • To increase the range and level of chronic pain sufferers daily activity.

  • To improve how people cope with chronic pain by the teaching of simple relaxation techniques.

  • To reduce the emotional consequences of chronic pain. 


How do we achieve our aims?

  • By making ourselves available to listen in times of stress.

  • By encouraging families and friends of chronic pain sufferers to become actively involved in our activities.

  • By printing a quarterly newsletter.

  • By holding small informal meetings, Coffee Mornings and other regular social events.

  • By holding monthly Open Meetings with guest speakers, and other relevant support.

  • By making submissions to local and national government on legislation affecting our members.

  • Liaising

  • By providing information beneficial to Chronic Pain Sufferers through this website and our resources.




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